At AJ's Outdoors we believe that the opportunity to experience an unspoiled environment is a privilege not to be taken for granted. Every person who participates in an outdoor activity should consciously attempt to do so in a responsible manner.

This includes harvesting only those animals which will be consumed in the immediate future and minimizing any negative impact on other wildlife which might result from our outdoor activities.

It is our goal at AJ's Outdoors to develop products and services which enable people to enjoy our natural resources more responsibly. We take great pride in our products and services and make every attempt to grade them by the highest criteria available.

AJ's Fish Stick™ has been developed as a tool to help anglers enjoy sport fishing while minimizing damage to our fisheries. Incorporated with other responsible fishing practices, AJ's Fish Stick™ should help allow future generations to enjoy fishing.

Furthering conservation of our fisheries, AJ's Outdoors will donate a portion of the profits from sales of AJ's Fish Stick™ to the State Chapter of the CCA where each sale occurs.

AJ's Fish Stick™ - How it Works

AJ's Fish Stick™ has been developed to assist in the removal of fish hooks and operates on the principles of leverage and gravity.

1) The release eye of the fish stick engages the hook and forces it into an inverted position as it is lifted.
2) The area of the hook supporting the weight of the fish shifts from the upright bend to the inverted point.
3) Gravity assists by a gentle shake or simple twist, then removes the hook form the fish.

Benefits and Use of AJ's Fish Stick™

  1. Significantly increases the survival rate of released fish:
    a) Enables the angler to release his catch while minimizing handling thereby reducing the potential for injury to the fish's internal organs, gills, eyes and protective mucus membrane.
    b) Decreases the time during which the fish is out of water reducing injury and/or death resulting from oxygen depredation.
    c) Reduces the need for a landing net and potential injury to the fish. AJ's Fish Stick™ may be used without a net when the breaking strength of the line or leader attached to the hook equals or exceeds the weight of the fish. Depending on the location of the hook, AJ's Fish Stick™ may also be used without a net even though the breaking strength of the line or leader attached to the hook is less than the weight of the fish.
  2. Facilitates the dehooking of fish intended for consumption by assisting the angler in executing a "no touch" release into cooler or fish box.
  3. "No Touch" release provides increased angler safety while releasing potentially dangerous fish. Anglers may avoid:
    a) Poisonous spines possessed by fish such as catfish and rays
    b) Sharp gill plates possessed by fish such as snook and grouper
    c) Sharp teeth possessed by fish such as mackerel, snapper, bluefish and pike.
  4. Graduated scale quickly ascertains the length of a fish while decreasing injury caused by handling. Thins information may be for personal information or to determine if a fish falls within legal limits.
  5. Rigging Tool: Anglers may use the attached open-ended S-hook to hold swivels and hooks. This allows the angler to snugly tighten knots on lines and leaders without decreasing knot strength nor causing tackle abrasion.


Conservation Tips!

AJ's Fish Stick™ - Specifications


L O A Tape Weight (oz)
FS-18-1 20" 18" 5.5
FS-24-1 24" 24" 6.5