Conservation Tips


  1. 1. Use Bronze or Nickel Plated Hooks, as they rust out rapidly. Never use Stainless Steel hooks with natural bait.
  2. Flatten barbs on hooks for easy removal
  3. 3. Decrease stress related injury by using tackle sufficient to boat your catch quickly. This is especially important when fishing in water which is near the upper limit of its temperature range.
  4. 4. Allow fish to recuperate before release
  5. 5. Minimize handling of fish whenever possible to avoid injury to eyes, gills and/or mucus membranes. If fish must be handled, use a wet hand or wet cloth.
  6. 6. Avoid allowing fish to fully swallow bait. Try to set hook without excessive delay.
  7. 7. Do not attempt to remove hooks imbedded deeply in the throat. Quickly cut line as close to hook as possible while minimizing contact. See Tip #1.